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Hi im Huddy and I am currently working on Dextro


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Replied to thread: Looking For Api Dev

Bro $50 aint enough plus the cheapest good one I think is showerhead which even then is like 350 - 400 if im correct

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Replied to thread: [CW] Strejda Banan, Certified Banan, SB, Toxic And a Skid.

Bro wtf has a toilet fetish 

Replied to thread: Eternity C2/Botnet | new cheap c2

Vouch I bought aka the best

Replied to thread: [CW] DUCKY/DXDXXX | Scamming, Skidding Headhunters, Stole 65$ from me

@SeizureSalad Its a fake one he dont even have an account on here

Created a new thread: [CW] DUCKY/DXDXXX | Scamming, Skidding Headhunters, Stole 65$ from me

Hello I havent made one of these before but I guess I am now to put it simple this is a scammer and I sent proof plus he skids headhunters and tries to sell it (He scammed me)

Credits to: 
Valox - He doxxed his site and made him give up his source which is how I found out it was headhunters
Nam3 - For inviting me to the group to show me he is a scamming

So first pictures come from a groupchat that I was invited to where I saw these messages about him using headhunters and just updating also trying to sell it for 50 euro like :skull: dont believe me down below will be some images


Also sorry if this is bad its my first time lol

(also I paid this man 65$ and Im mad I did)

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I kinda like it tbh

Replied to thread: Hello! How are you today? / What you've been working on =)

1. Great

2. Fine

3. Dextro Development and Real Work

4. Yes

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@Spanksterria Ok $25 so I'll contact when Im ready k

Replied to thread: emiray crying lol

What did you do like did you rat him because that would be funny as hell lol

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Should I Hop Back In

Price to teach me how to reverse engineer roblox for address, offsets and stuff

Replied to thread: [3 API SUPPORT] [THEMES] [UPDATE] ezSploit V3

Hybird and Any Run?

Replied to thread: my apology for toxity

Ok I hope you do better 

Created a new thread: [IN DEVELOPMENT] Dextro Discord Server

So here is a simple update our discord server is open now

(If you wanna be a alpha tester you must join the server)