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Your parents must be proud of you. 

-My last message for a long time 
















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Can't call everything safe from you when you logged me. You and I are not so different and better than each other

Created a new thread: Im Out - Zodiac

Hello ret*rds of WeAreDevs. 
It's your fellow scammer here back with another thread. 

First of all I paid Jay and Wombat cuz I felt bad for them.

Anyways F**k off

I have a test coming up where I have to take this sh*t to get into a good high school in the future.

You all know South Korea is one of the countries that has the best academic scores, so 

I'm not gonna spend my time on this ret*rdation with atari sending fake threats. 

I honestly am tired of this sh*t, enjoy the Horizon src. Idk cuz Atari did log my ip before so if you want the

orignal and none virus sh*tty atari Horizon src, feel free to respond to this thread, but I will not be checking it. 

Don't expect me to respond to any dms, threads whatsoever. 

I will still be exploiting, just not that much. Tbh maybe I'll return a year later.  


Wait now that I think about it, why tf am I talking to you ret*rds? Idk either. 

Anyways, for those of you that are in a gud relationship with me, cya 

And for the rest of you guys, f**k off b*tches.