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that's implied when you literally ask people to credit you on code that is yours.

i wouldn't have made this cw if you werent the owner of some company, that way people who make business inquiries can know about your past.

my point isnt to destroy your rep, literally everyone who skids gets a second chance sometimes even more it's something minor. 


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yet he continues to argue about it with me on discord, I asked him that if I tell him to explain the code line by line will he be able to

never got a reply.

I'd like to get him in a call and explain his code line by line if its not skidded, the ultimate way to know if something is skidded is if the person who made it doesn't even comprehend their own code.

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"It's just bad code doenst mean it's skidding" is a extremely stupid statement, let me explain why:


Imagine yourself, a programmer, you think of writing a C++ roblox dll which does a freeconsole bypass. 

You start off by including 5 unused headers, making 2 unused variables,  adding using namespace std and then proceeding to use std::uint8_t and std::thread, you use a switch statement for a singular case, and you make a print function which looks like this:

void print(const char* text) { std::cout << text, "\n"; }

(and the \n doesn't work because thats not how printing out to the console works in C++, showcasing how beginner level he really is)


this isn't just bad code these are clear signs of skidding:

5 unused included headers: left over headers from skidding

unused variables: left over variables from skidding

extremely stupid switch case use: 1. dont know what its for 2(which you learn at a beginner level what its for) 3. you copy pasted bad code 4. you're a horrible c++ dev.

nonfunctioning print function: doesn't know the basics of C++.


you may ask, how do you know this is from skidding? well using critical thought and the powers of common sense, there is no other explanation to how you end up with unused variables, unused headers, unused features such as using namespace std other than: copy pasted the code then organized it just to make it compile.


Let's assume that it was just left over from a old project, ok cool. 

How do you code something that you have the intention of posting on github, without checking your code, looking at the code you uploaded, or just in general knowing what you wrote, that simply doesn't happen. you're telling me you were too lazy to take off old pieces of your code but not lazy enough to write a full description about the repo, posting the code, and having the audacity to ask for credit?

yeah sure cool totally.

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just to clear up: I am not against elarning from other people's code, or basing your code off it or whatever.

I AM against taking code, taking credit for it, posting it on platforms for clout, denying it and lying.

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While we did start off learning from other people's, that does not mean we all took code, posted it on github, and asked for credit as if it was yours.

Also another thing, the python code "you" made isn't just similar to the ones you can find online, it's a copy paste, exact same method, exact same way of getting the HWID, exact same way of checking if its valid. It's the same as taking roblox fly script, posting it and saying "oh no its mine its just that some people had the same idea" even though the entire structure is the exact same.

Created a new thread: [CW] Zenexya Skidding (zenexya softworks)

This is gonna be my first CW.

His user:

So let's get into this shall we? Zenexya skidding capabilties can be compared to that of Luau/Speedsterkawaii. How do I know this?

First this man a couple of days ago was having issues with Console.WriteLine (no seriously it was me and like 2-3 other people helping him understand what Console.WriteLine does in c#.) and 2 days later he comes into the chat showing a screenshot of his C# assault cube cheat.

Basically, he went from not being able to understand the absolute basics of programming not just in C# but in general, to making his own memory editing cheat? Must be a programming prodigy of some sort.


Anyways, I saw him posting a thread here about a python hwid authenticator "he" made. I looked at the code and immediately recognized it, I even made a reply saying I've definitely seen this code before and he said that "maybe some other code look like this", so I made 1 google search and found basically the exact same code on github



If you look at Zenexya's github, you'll see he has a repository called "Zoom" which is "his" C++ roblox DLL. If you know anything about C++ you'll know how terrible this code is and how obviously pasted it is,  he uses namespace std then proceeds to use std::uint8_t and std::thread, he has 5 includes that arent even used, he forgot to disable precompiled headers and even included it with the github repository and has the audacity to ask people to credit him for using "his" code.

Warning: I'm not CW'ing him for his bad code, I'm CW'ing him for having bad pasted code, lying about it, posting it on github, and asking for credit for pasting code. And having the audacity to lie to me after I helped him, gave him advice, spent time explaining stuff to him. He didn't even try to clean up his pasted code.


Screenshots and links are below (red squares are examples of his pasted code, funniest part is theres literally left overs from his pasted code he didnt even remove):

his horrible code, with leftoverrs from pasted code i.e including vector, unused variables etc just terrible



 Small lapse in my judgement, the console.writeline thing wasn't about Zenexya, it was about someone else.

Apologies to Zenexya for that, everything else I said I stand by, because if you look at the code you can CLEARLY see that no human being with even basic C++ knowledge is going to include random headers and make random variables that arent ever used if you're writing it from scratch. Even if someone helped you, it just proves you copy pasted the code, didn't bother to change it or at least adjust it to your needs, and asked for credit 


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man, cmon man, this is way too similar.

also we were literally in WHD discord server teaching you how Console.WriteLine works in C# because you couldnt understand it.

and then 2 days later you send a screenshot of your assault cube c# cheat. please dont become a skid.


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on my life i've seen this exact code in some youtube tutorial

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so true







thx luxgz





it makes you woo 

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or just go into ida, and rebase it to 0x000000 and be done with it? overcomplicated.