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Im in a love hate relationship with lua



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I know this is a roblox forum but im not trying to spend like 60$ on a game i might not like or play too much but i do wanna see the hot ahh graphics please reply if theres a crack for this game that isnt a virus



haha funny bot like title

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2019-2020 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/978292534767919134/995354326954426488/funi.png

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im not fluxus support

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dont see how this is a leak..

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trigon and fluxus support it :)

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use the imagelabel class with Instance.new and change the image property


for asset marketplace: normal rbx id
for downloaded images: put the image in your workspace folder and set the image property to getcustomasset("filename.png") (if your exploit supports it)

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add pic or no vouch!!!

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delta is keyless and the dll is basically as powerful as comet (with a few custom functions missing) it should have most functions that scripts use

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the acc was made in october this year so.. not a wrd og maybe a general exploiting og?

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1. some executors just arent updated anymore, buy synapse or script ware for 20$ it gets updated quickly

2. i wouldnt be suprised if you are talking about lua c scripts but yeah executors dont use lua c anymore (other than wrd api i think)

3. a fe script is usually a reanimation that bypasses replication filtering with alignposition/alignrotation and makes animations replicate if it doesnt do that its probably a fake script that claims to kick everyone instantly with plr:Kick() or something similar.

4. normal scripts are scripts that abuse remote events/module scripts

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any ui screenshot?

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vouch, very real bought 100$ with 100btc