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info? screenshots?

Replied to thread: Any tips for wpf?

whats the current progress?

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being a starter isnt really a excuse for having 350px size buttons

Replied to thread: C00Lgui Script Reborn (not mine)

It was just uploaded by mastersmz not made

Replied to thread: Adding DLLS and APIS won't reference.

use wearedevs dll

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Replied to thread: [REL] Roblox Username Generator

cool release i recommend to make a table of names and last names combine them and put some letters at the end it would look more legit than random characters

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People will sue you for not giving away free bleach bro dont release it

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how much do you expect 1 line of code to do..

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watch him casually ignore the latest reply

Replied to thread: does anyone have an executor that has windows 7 support


same they need to fix their key system

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I love it how it goes from a decent title bar to a garbage rounded border

my dad/10 (he abuses me)

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you asked for a rating and tell people to shut up lmao use material or feather icons mdl2 icons are just.. bad

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please learn about comedy 😐