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Learning (very slowly) C++ and Java, along with Roblox Lua

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This link should explain everything you need to get started:

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> Shows functions used via the API

"Clearly I do know what I'm talking about"
> Shows the API once again but decompiled through dnSpy


You have no idea what you're talking about. The API is what connects the actual DLL and the UI of an executor. Decompiling the API is useless, it's literally just a bridge, to put it in simple terms. What actually grants execution is the DLL, injected onto Roblox, which will then do certain things like manipulating memory.

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Replied to thread: multiple games

I'll attempt to translate this so people don't get a stroke trying to read it:


"I want to download Multiple Games for Roblox but when I go download it, it says the application didn't respond. I want it for Roblox Tapping Legends X and more games. I want the application fixed in 10 days, please fix this".


Now, I'm not trying to be mean, but what exactly do you mean by this bruh, does the application just freeze on startup? Does the browser you're trying to download it with freeze while downloading?

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few inconsistencies, like the close/minimise buttons being just a normal character font compared to everything else which has icon fonts, but tbh not that bad considering its winforms, do learn wpf however it's much better.

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translated: "hello i dont know how to code in the slightest and i am here to ask an extremely dumb question, then i will release yet another terribly designed and poorly coded sh!tsploit"


you do it the same exact way you added wrd api, but with the api you need instead bruh

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i stole your ip from this very reply of yours, you have been reported to your local authorities

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the storm is coming (real)


Replied to thread: jjsploit not working check this thread out, it shows a fix

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im sorry but what is this supposed to mean exactly

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then jjsploit is probably your best bet

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happy birthday nihon man


After using this executor I got a wife and multiple mansions, I do indeed recommend using it - truly a marvelous sight of an ui, incredible execution speed and stability, along with blazing fast injection speed. Seizure Salad, you've indeed outdone yourself with this release - simply outstanding!

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lsp i can understand but what's the issue with pasting something over 1k lines? I pasted Dex V2 from the scripts tab, over 8 thousand lines of code with no lag at all - is there some other issue I'm overlooking?