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Replied to thread: SOMEONE HELP!

go to youtube , type same question and watch the video how to do it .

Replied to thread: How to learn c++ (or any programming language)

for begginers c++ its dificult , better ways to leanr in cources , also youtube videos and a lot of sites with this information all this can help .

Replied to thread: why is everyone just leaving

probably they have their own reasons to leave , kinda pity maybe .

Replied to thread: When are u guys fixing jjsploit????

waiting for update ....

Replied to thread: Which laptop to choose?

Ryzen 7 5800H


 this one for sure .

Replied to thread: Looking for a free logo designer

there also few free logo tools , maybe it will also can help you .

Replied to thread: helo what the worst executer

I'd say JJsploit and vega x

Replied to thread: Editing threads

i think its right and very useful information , thanks .