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Make sure that your antivirus didn't remove the dll.

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I just found out I have Avast Antivirus too! i disabled it and it worked!!

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It didn't work. I tried adding JJSploit folder to my exclusions and it still didnt worked. I removed the JJSploit folder and downloaded JJSploit again and it still didn't work. What to do? PLZ REPLY

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My antivirus is RAV antivirus. I tried to put the JJSploit folder in my exclusions folder and it still didnt work. I will try removing the JJSploit folder and downloading JJSploit again because yesterday it worked and only now its not working.

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Every time when I open JJSploit and try to attach (attach & unsafe attach) it to any game it says: "Could not find DLL! Please reopen JJSploit and wait a few seconds for it to automatically download. Disable your anti-virus if its deleting the dll". when I make sure my anti virus is off and reopen JJSploit it removes it self and every time I install it the installer removes itself. when I restart my pc the installer doesnt remove itself but its doing the same thing.

sm1 knows how to fix that?