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arceus x, its like an android krnl

Replied to thread: cod xd lol git no cap ong frfr





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1: learn lua

2: skid (optional)

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@Nexula how does it feel to be in 5th grade

Replied to thread: Error of kicked due to unexpected client behavior

use compatibility test on the roblox player app

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someone neg repped me for positive repping him?

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Created a new thread: who are these people having normal responses but a link at the end

these respond to threads of like "jjsploit not working" and put a link at the end of the post with a "game"

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@MalikDillard ah yes i do sure love spinning a wheel

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Replied to thread: PC goes up to 100% disk usage at startup?

some processes randomly do this and some even do it with the cpu, some examples are:

-Windows Driver Foundation

-Microsoft Compatibility Telemeter

-and more

just end the process and everything is fine

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POV: Malware


btw i neg repped you because you post too much malware

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you didnt miss anything really, but you did miss immune's birthday

Created a new thread: better fix for jjsploit

be patient and wait for the next roblox update so the devs see it and fix it


if you dont wanna do that read my other thread

Replied to thread: So uhhh.. JJSploit's new update sux :/

read my latest thread in complaints to fix it