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Created a new thread: Comet doesn't Work

so krnl was patched and the devs are sleeping so i thought it would be a good idea to try other executors and what other executors to try than comet!!! so i open comet.exe (not in the zip its extracted) 

and it just doesn't show anything... i tried spamming it and it just wont load the GUI for comet?? if you have any idea how to fix that or im just stupid or some files are missing (my defender is turned off) you can reply :)).

Created a new thread: An Unexpected Error has Occured Please close the client (KRNL)

People tell me to uninstall and reinstall roblox/krnl/everything/studio and also tell me to delete GlobalBasicSettings, Update Krnl, download some exe I don't trust and all of that don't work, they tell me it may be patched and it'll be fixed in a day, I waited for 3 days and it still didn't get fixed.

so basically what happens every time I inject after it says correct key roblox just crashes and when I press ok it just closes, dont forget I tried updating krnl , I waited for 3 days for it to be fixed, I uninstalled and reinstalled, I deleted GlobalBasicSettings (What the first suggestion in google said) and I won't download some random exe