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I am a mastermind at Lua and Javascript. I can answer most questions about exploits and how they work/process.

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Replied to thread: Why is the WRD-API not showing when i attach and inject? Please help!

Once you press attach if the second window doesn't pop up, click attach unsafely. The safe attachment has already been applied and you can enjoy your exploits.

Replied to thread: LUA and Scripts not working

Might be a bug.

Replied to thread: how to fix God mode???

it has been broken for years

Replied to thread: JJsploit update?

You're running a unsupported version ROBLOX. WRD-API is updated for version-fb795406f04b4467


You are running: C:\Users\mpw12\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-91f017face444efd


Also the unsupported version fixer doesnt work anymore

Created a new thread: JJsploit update?

Looks like we have another roblox update.

Replied to thread: help jjsploit is acting weird

Deleting the DDL is most likely to restart jjsploit.

Replied to thread: How to fix this?

Wait until the WRD API updates. It has been 3 days and I understand it.

Replied to thread: help jjsploit

u didnt get the api update didnt u?

i got the june 18th update who else did

Replied to thread: When are u guys fixing jjsploit????

JJsploit breaks all the time. A few years ago JJsploit broke down for 2 whole weeks. Not suprised if its gonna happen again.

Replied to thread: Exploit API Patched

This happens all the time. Hope the issue is resolved right now.




Good luck!

Replied to thread: JJsploit update

It just says "Working as of June 18."

Replied to thread: JJSploit WRD API Stays and dont inject

Most likely an update, and i hope your issue is resolved by now.

Replied to thread: help jjsploit is acting weird

Despite the update, jjsploit still might be broken since it breaks alot as a FREE KEYLESS EXPLOIT. You might have to reinstall jjsploit to try to get it working.



Good luck!

Replied to thread: invisible fling is broken

Its either a bug in the script or your humanoid collusion is not changing.

Replied to thread: Windows 10 Update BROKE Roblox Multiple Game Instance

roblox updates always ruin alot of things INCLUDING exploits