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Created a new thread: Lux14 Unbanned :)

Lux is finally unbanned again.






Glad to see him back on the forums again :)

Replied to thread: Rest in piece (soon) Roblox exploiting

This is something that can be fixed by some of the top devs tbh. Im sure the paid exploits will be getting alot of users if there still working


Lets just enjoy exploiting while it lasts


Replied to thread: 5 year olds complaining about jjsploit not working

true, they give me aids

Replied to thread: rate the ui evo

Nobody cares about this exploit. Post it somewhere else

Replied to thread: E-dating Service


ik it is lol

Replied to thread: Deadware Beta (Script Hub)


its not skidded

Replied to thread: E-dating Service

why not get a girl in real life

Created a new thread: Deadware Beta (Script Hub)



Deadware is a script getting worked on.

It has 1 game so far but is gonna be good when more games get added

Thank you to soulzay for helping and making our arsenal script possible which is (coming soon)


Discord server - https://discord.gg/2keDWSUabv

Heres the script, i made a legends of speed script as our first game.




Replied to thread: [REL] Atonix V1.5.6

amazing! nothing can beat atonix

Replied to thread: Make A Full Lua Executor

jjsploit is full lua ?


wtf are you talking about

Replied to thread: [SKID/SCAMMER] Luna/Luma/Sinister

maybe i was wrong saying good start to this r"tard


Created a new thread: Goodbye! :) Im Leaving WeAreDevs

Im quitting WRD


You May Wonder Why?


The reason why is this community makes me look bad. I Look at my rep and its neg rep. I Feel like people Purposly Dont Like My Stuff.


Want To Get In touch With Me? Join My Discord Server - https://discord.gg/VQCBD5S66e

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Why do apisploits have a keysystem


bro and stop bragging about your exploit its jsut some og shi​†

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Why do apisploits have a keysystem


bro im sorry. you called somebody a skid and he never knew how to code. thats the most dumbest thing i hear yet

plus maybe he jsut saying you need to improve your api or exploit design