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@Funtimesgetfunner finally, some actual facts. thanks for being kind to us who support sirhurt!

Replied to thread: "False info" (When its actually true)

when you base your information on a thread whos author can't even address my point-outs of flaws in his 'sources' in his replies you're asking for negative reputation because your basising your opinion on faulty information and contributing to the spread of it. The author uses sources he can't verify beyond a reasonable doubt and avoids addressing flaws pointed out in his evidence & failing to provide information requested by people with skeptisim against it. There is also a very clear motive on why someone would wish to fake conversations by ice and thats either for attention or to try to encourage people to take some kind of action against him. It's very clear you want Ice to be a pedophile in the end so it's very clear you will believe anything presented to you without an ounce of question if it goes for your beliefs.


WRD Forum staff have already investigated the claims made in chrises post and discussed it with Ice and came to the conclusion that the CW's information was not verifyable and information provided by Ice against it was validated the thread was debunked and no moderative action will be taken against Ice on here. Therefor, you reputations were justified.

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jesus christ if its not one thing then its the other

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some people are just attracted to negativity and drama. its sad

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1. Wow-y! You got another picture of one of the admin panel functions! I'm shaking in my boots! listen, you clearly didn't get my point. why don't you use one of those functions and then maybe we'll talk more about sirhurts security? Take as many 'pictures' of the panel as you want unless the functionality is usable to you without a staff account then it has nothing to do with the state of sirhurts security.


2. Sure. Last I recall IcePools got banned on v3rm willingly. Seg went to him and explained the situation and apparently a group of kids was threating to create more drama if Ice didn't get banned and Ice told Seg to just ban him because neither of them wanted to deal with more headache. I'm assuming it was regarding the 'sadgirl' screenshots which have already been proven as fabricated.. which is funny because I clearly see one of those in this thread being used as 'evidence'. Check SirHurt's pinned messages sometime why don't you? You could use some enlightenment. tl;dr one of the screenshots orginating from 'sadgirl' literally showed her message history and showed two accounts named 'IcePools'. You are seriously using message screenshots with that kind of uncertainity and undependability as proof? You must really be desperate. I do not think that I am asking for much just simply recap those screenshots showing discord profile information to PROVE it's the one and only.


3. Because he doesn't have to? It shouldn't be his job to prove he ISN'T a pedophile it should be there job to prove he IS and let me tell you the proof is heavily lacking. You got sadgirl who was an attention seeker and tried to OD literally all of sirhurts management at one point and very clearly made an account named after IcePools and sent messages back and forth between her alt and her main. I'd like to see you prove me wrong because theres more evidence that she faked messages than the other way around (Cough simply go back in and re-screenshot the messages showing profile information it's not that hard but she cant because it wasn't IcePools XD). You are the person making the CW it is your job to prove your claim and prove your messages orginated from IcePools it's not IcePools job to put your CW down. The fact that you are hesitating against my request of getting IcePools's profile information from those screenshots tells me all that I need to know


4. Whatever you say but in my book Iskra has been a joke and has been since he stepped into CW's against Ice such as this one.



5. Im gonna point you back to 'answer number 3'. Because he doesn't have to? It shouldn't be his job to prove he ISN'T a pedophile it should be there job to prove he IS and let me tell you the proof is heavily lacking and has as many holes as Swiss cheese. He has made public statements about it before though although they have been lost to time. this was something that happened like 2 years ago after all




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thank you for apologizing this sounds like a good step forward to forgiveness

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@chr1srbx how are you gonna say my point is irrelevant when your entire post has nothing to backup any of your claims to begin with? your post was literally written by a annoying guy from v3rm that got exposed for pedophilia then eventually banned from the site as well?



1. Woop-ty-do you have a picture of the admin panel its not like staff haven't posted pictures of it before 1000s of times in the server im crying a river your a master hacker indeed sirhurt so insecure omg!!!


1b. Woop-ty-do somebody gave you an invite to the staff server at one point thats never used for anything


2. how are you going to include a warning you got from a v3rm mod how does him breaking the site rules and getting warned have anything to do with ice LOL did he hold the mod at gun point or something? no? get out of here


3. your literally using screenshot convos from a fake icepools account as part of your claim that had already been proven as fake are you seriously that desperate


4. the CW was literally made by Iskra Never Dies do i need to say more 


5. literally all your screenshots are discord messages which is literally the worst possible way you can prove a point. absolutely none of those pictures actually show his profile information so whos to say you didnt just sign up as IcePools huh? oh you didnt sign up well then wheres your proof? no tag or discord id no proof as far as my book goes.



i dont know how you expect to get ice off this site when you act like the boy who cried wolf and cant actually provide proof discord messages are an extremely bad way of proving your point due to how easy it is to fake them literally none of your screenshots show his profile information to prove it was from one of his accounts go cry a river nobody took Iskra serious on v3rm and that is not changing here. call me a 'mushroom sucker' all you want it's not my fault that I have common sense and you don't

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@Rexi yes yes leech bad

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vouch i can confirm after reading this thread i have lost every single braincell remaining in my brain. Vouch for the stupidest thread I've ever given a read

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big fat vouch for my main man IcePools he know where it at with all that lego hax.

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that crap is really messed up tbh

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for my fellow cat I must rate this a 1000000/10

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vouchy couchy for my main man IcePools this crap so good no cap give that big old download button a huge fat slap or my profile picture will haunt you in your dreams