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Created a new thread: dll inject error

hi and I have a roblem in krnlhttps://imgur.com/gallery/W7ztQ7Y

(if the picture I not working read this):so I started krnl and doors roblox and I injected and it said completed and I execute the script and it says inject the krnl and I pressed the inject button and it says krnl is already injected what is going on but I hope krnl is fixed so soon

Created a new thread: I hate this anyways keyless exploits? click this

I hate the jjsploit being fixing a long time I wish I could just bring back jjsploit (I can find other exploits like krnl,coco z and mega x) but they are required key well that is all guys ohh 1 more thing there is an exploit called or exploits callled soar cheats no key required and very powerful exploits:Home | SoarCheats (soarexploits.wixsite.com)

Created a new thread: how do I fix this

I just want to attach and this is the message:head over https://wearedevs.net/ pls help

Created a new thread: is jjsploit a fe executer?

??? (topic)pls anwser ??? long( charater kjfkghkghrkgdj)