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Created a new thread: "Main Module Not Found"

I got the new version of JJSploit, but whenever I try to attach it says Main Module not found..

What is this mysterious main module? Is it a roblox thing or was it something that was supposed to be included with JJSploit...?


Replied to thread: JJSploit lol (yeah another complaint)

I think JJSploit might be falling off. It's sad to see a thing you've had/used for a long time be doodoo like this... 😐

Created a new thread: JJSploit lol (yeah another complaint)

"You're running a unsupported version ROBLOX. WRD-API is updated for version-ab1db0c40dae4666


You are running: version-aa6e1ad459964fc3"





Replied to thread: Now That JJSploit is fixed...

Wait if JJSploit is fixed that must mean mine ain't auto updating what the hell bruh...


nvm it still dont work

Replied to thread: The exploit has broke due to the games's weekly update. Please wait for WeAreDevs to fix JJSploit. This could be a few hours. Maybe longer if there are complications

I think this is the longest it's taken JJSploit to update (at least in my experience) I wonder why it's taking so long...