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@rinfys That wasn't nice :(

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I do not recommend doing any sort of deal with this user. I gave them my mother and I still haven't received my check.

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@AlternateD KRNL has great execution though, that's why I ranked it above middle-class, but if we're going based of UI design Kraken's going to ne upper-class.

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@Ren_Shou It's not ging to be up there with KRNL and Fluxus but it's not a random exploit that's skidded with a bad UI.

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@RealNickk I've seen that an iGPU isn't as good as a GPU, but I can't tell which product is the iGPU. What component is it in?

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Here's the Motherboard

Here's the RAM

Here's the Proccessor

Here's the Power Supply

Here's the Tower

Here's the SSD


I want to run Visual Studio, Discord and Opera GX at the same time, lol.

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@Hiroku I'm already making a UI, just looking for minor help, but thanks for the advice. Also, I never said I wasn't paying in the thread, lol.

Created a new thread: [HELP NEEDED] Kraken Development Team

Hey, welcome to Kraken A middle-class exploit that's starting it's development today. Kraken's looking for partner managers, moderators (for when the server gets released), developers (for the UI and website), and partners. If you're interested DM me.

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A day ☠ well I've had it for like 2 days but yesterday I decided I'll actually use the forum.

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Forgot to mention, when making a UI it's usually good to stick to one theme. Your UI has like 3 different things going on at once. Good luck on your exploit.

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Hey man, I don't want to come off mean but the UI isn't really that good. That's not all I'm going to comment, I'm going to give you some tips on how you can improve the design.


First off, no one will use a WinForms exploit, that doesn't offer anything special. I suggest using WPF.

The left sidebar which you use to navigate throughout the UI needs serious improvement.

Please get better fonts, I was searching and a few good fonts are Poppins, Roboto, Inter, Open Sans, Lato, Nunito, Josefin Sans, Oxygen, Epilogue, Manrope, Raleway, and Segoe UI variable. Your color scheme really needs improvement too, for reference try using colors that match better as if the UI was an outfit. Here's an example you can go on from:

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Please help. I cannot go much longer without using JJSploit to hack in Roblox games. Why is it taking so long?!?! I am starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. Each day that passes, the voices in my head get louder. I must hack in Roblox games. I need to feel the rush of dopamine to my brain as I rest easy knowing that I am better than all the non-hacking plebs. My high score is higher, I have more power compared to them and feel more powerful. Without this power, I feel insecure and emotionally destroyed now that I can no longer have that sense of importance and power I once had before. Please unpatch JJSploit. I am getting desperate.


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My first project was a Discord bot named Medusa, my first C# project was a calculator and my first exploit project, just got started and it's called Metro.

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@atari Do you know any PCs on the top of your head that may fit that requirement?