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try looking at your anti-virus


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Created a new thread: The dll isnt working properly

i attach it and it loads but nothing happens. help? please if youm viewed this just try?


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@Maxymer yes i do. my user is clucksy#0203

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@Maxymer i have downloaded it. but for some reason it downloaded as a text file? everytime i click "open" on the file, it opens up a notebook and shows me the code. there is also no extract button

Created a new thread: How to open gui's

basically, with the new problem "unsupported version" someone found a way to fix it.

they said to open inf jump first. bt i cant do that without opening jjsploit

so i figured i would try opening the gui for inf jump and running it through that but i dont know how to run gui's. any help?

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If you have money you can get robux and put up an advertisment on the roblox page, you can aslo advertise it on ther social media platforms. you can even hire someone to help you code and design some more advanced stuff and hiring them wuld be worth it as you would ge some money back afterwords (robux)

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Same i hope its fixed soon


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You think you can find egg farm simulator? its copylocked and idk where to find it