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@RealNickk ik how to authorize it so its not a problem but thank you for your opinion

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@RealNickk there is a difference between each method thats why some of the methods are easy to make some of them are not

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@RealNickk You are kinda right but no jitter is for making paid reanimation hubs etc. ofc the people does not need jitter fix to use scripts but jitter it self makes the script look weird and some people does not want that and no jitter scripts are hard to find and they are usually paid or private.

Created a new thread: No Jitter Script [PAID]

Note : This is a script that removes jitter for any reanimator. (Also comes with a reanimation.)

Features :

- No tool lag (other skids cannot steal or drop your parts with tools)

- Editable for any kind of reanimation

- Can fling without fling part (but it makes jitter at higher fling power)


Dm Nems1337#1337 on discord to buy it.