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why does my script not work

if if then

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lol good cw vouch

- che

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@Siane vega x bro that stuff olddd :skull:

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left because scammer and because he was "trying" before but got stopped but then got pooped on (cw)


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100% agree with this suggestion.

- che (did not try to steal atari's msg :kek:)

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If you have a team, you are allowed to create an alternate team account but you MUST have a team. If you create an alternate account for only yourself, all accounts will be post-locked and probably un-appealable.

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Could you please, just put this inside of a different section. This should not be in suggestions, try "Complaints" or any other section which matches this topic criteria. As for the issue you have, disable your anti-virus/firewall as it may be disrupting WeAreDevs API from functioning correctly.

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I am going to try to talk to my parents about it soon, hopefully they take it the right way :)

- atari

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100% agree with this suggestion.

- atari

Created a new thread: [CW] 0x12/Frosty and his skidded script hub, Frosty Hub

(Thanks to Che, Kyron & Arad for helping)

Hey guys and gals, today we'll be talking about 0x12 - a professional ret*rd that works with Cipher (a paedophile) and Infinity (9 year old ret*rd that tries to dox people).

If you want to download his source code, feel free to here:


Proof of Cipher (Pedophilia):

Proof of Infinity (9 year old):


This all started today when Che sent me some screenshots of 0x12 calling me a fagg*t and saying I was fat. So I made a group chat...

He told me what he said, directly to me - so I brought up the fact that his paid hub is skidded and that he's working with 2 degenerates.


He said that he isn't a skid anymore and that this is what his new code looks like :skull:


We all began to dig deep inside of Frosty Hub's Source Code :troll:


Kyron looked at a fly function that he supposedly made, it was found in the source code

This is pretty much just WeAreDevs Fly, but pasted and renamed variables


Che started showing off some of Frosty's amazing code


0x12 started saying he wanted to leave the group chat because we were "boring"


Then told Che that he only had beef with me :skull:


0x12 tried getting my girlfriend to add him, which isn't very cool :joy:


Anyway, if you want to have a look at his source code for yourselves - then feel free to go do that as I've left it at the top of this thread. Thank you for reading this CW, it was much appreciated.

- atari

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@SirZyx bro your alive now