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i heck roblox.

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hey where is lxnny anyways?

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You want to controll the players humanid?

Replied to thread: How would you do this?

Okay, lets do the basic parts:

local PositionOfUser = CFrame.new(Player:GetMouse()) --this should work
local NewPart = Instance.new("Part")
NewPart.Parent = game.Workspace
NewPart.Position = PositionOfUser

This code here would simply get the users mouse (PROB NEED TO REMAKE) then....

it will insert a new part. Also make sure to anchor.


Replied to thread: Multiples Roblox Instances Not Working

Maybe Roblox changed the mutex.

Suggest writing your own. it's just 3 lines of code.


new Mutex("ROBLOX_singelton")

or something.


Anyways, it works. probaly ur PC or some

Replied to thread: How to detect if someone is using the script i made

Okay, to return it, we will return in Lua first:

writefile(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name, "user.txt")
--this will store the user.

Now your gonna use a webhook to return it. You can do it via SQL or other stuff but I just helped you with the 1st part.

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damn how u got rep thats crazy

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@atari What Do you mean By that? his name is something else

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@Rexi oh lol niceee


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bro you seem like the type of person to live in alanya lol

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n0t funy didn0t ask

Created a new thread: roblox changing there logo..

BEFORE: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/998417383419027606/1014994452638597140/unknown.png




They made the hole big so my pp can fit

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So you want a function that calls "spawn"?

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this is F***KING my brain worse then brainF*CK

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Every exploit uses LuaC useless thread LMAO


LuaC -> C API Functions -> Getfield, Pushstring, etc.


For execution you need deserialzer, spawn, for basic luau execution.

Passes down as luaC.




Didn't JJSploit have a LuaC Parser at one point?

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Its for IDA


NOT lua C or LUA