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Created a new thread: Why this new anticheat will fail

its probably gonna be like the inlined functions update

Many popular exploits would bypass it easily like:


we thought the inlined functions update was gonna be the end of being the ultimate haxor in a lego game but it wasnt people found a workaround and bypassed it

heres what sirmeme has to say about it:

Replied to thread: Anyone have a anti-chat logger for GOOD free exploits like KRNL?

Hi there i use the same bypass

I use synapse so i dont know if this anti chat logger works on krnl or not but test it here you go

Beware it might not work on games lik arsenal because they have custom chat anyways:

Replied to thread: This keeps popping up every time I try to run the installer. Please, help!

dont download random exploits

download this


or buy this if you have money:

Created a new thread: Request: anyone has a chat bypass?

Shed was good but half of it is now patched most of the chats i bypass are tagged

Any other chat bypass?

Replied to thread: What is your favourite GTA game?

I like Gta SanAndreas because it was my childhood + i replayed it like a month ago and the number of missions are like a 100 and thats a lot, the story is also good. It also feels like its bigger than gta 5 map. I also like how there are 3 cities to travel between.

Replied to thread: new issue i have no idea how to fix:

issue in what?

if its jjsploit then it must be the antivirus or firewall so disable the two of them

Replied to thread: Rate this UI

Looks hot 10/10

Replied to thread: Krnl Saying Theres an Update

Probably roblox updated just wait if that doesnt work i think you need to disable your antivirus

Replied to thread: JJSploit god mode being detcted

God mode has been patched for years

Replied to thread: JJsploit not working

Wait for it to update or if its updated just disable your antivirus

Replied to thread: Help I Got Ip Banned From Roblox

Just install a hwid spoofer

Replied to thread: Jjsploit version not supported

Wait for it to update