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Created a new thread: Wpf Tab system for avalon editor?

Can somone send me a link or some sort of tut that shows how to make a wpf tab system for the avalon editor?

Created a new thread: Reverse Engineering Illegal?

Hi, I was wondring if I were to reverse engineer a roblox exploit, and put it to a multi api system would I get in trouble with the people who made the exploit/api?

Created a new thread: How to make ui with fluxus api?

Does anyone know how to make a UI with the Fluxus api? If anyone does I would really appreciate it!

Created a new thread: Oxygen U api?

Does anyone know how to use the oxygen U api in my own exploit? I have the dlls and everything, I just don't how to use the dlls and what is the module. 

Created a new thread: How do I use the Oxygen U api in my own exploit or ui?

For many days I have been trying to figure how to use the api in my exploit but for some reason I can't figure out the module for it or the execution or anything like that. I will be very thankful if tried to help me out.