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Replied to thread: (REQUEST) Lifting League! Admin Panel

@ThatPhoenix oh ok thank u for letting me know

Replied to thread: (REQUEST) Lifting League! Admin Panel

@Aja yes ik . i made an updated one that is better but i cant use the admin panel it just kicks me when using it

Created a new thread: (REQUEST) Lifting League! Admin Panel

So i made a script that gives u an admin pannel For this game: https://www.roblox.com/games/10250160631/EVENT-Lifting-League 

But when u try to use it , it kicks u and it says u are not an admin. Can someone try to make that the Admin Panel Works without kicking?

this is the script: game.Players.LocalPlayer.UserId = "993282232" 

you can open the admin panel with H

Replied to thread: How to detect if someone is using the same script as me

only the creator of the script can do it but u cant

Created a new thread: (HELP) I need Help with a Script

I need Help. 


local item = game:GetService("Players").zockerhd26.currentSwordEquipped.Value


_G.lift = true 

while _G.lift == true do

local args = {

    [1] = item







how do i check when local item changes? because when it change the value (sword) it still does the old one

Created a new thread: (REQUEST) Can someone make an anti kick script for Mow My Lawn 2

So i tried to get a gamepass weapon for free but now it kicks me when i join. is there any way to bypass it?