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Created a new thread: Bro Kindly pls just fix the exploit it gave me another crash.. its not even funny anymore

Crash Info:

[Code = 0xC0000005]

[ExceptSymbol = NoSym]

[Eip = 0x77248F9D]

[Eax = 0x00000006]

[Ebx = 0x0000001B]

[Ecx = 0x38280820]

[Edx = 0x378FCFA0]

[Esi = 0x38C76944]

[Edi = 0x48E6C920]

[Ebp = 0x0B33FBF0]

[Esp = 0x0B33FBE8]

[Dll Base = 0x00000000]

Created a new thread: Why is Jjsploit still not updating last time Jj updates after 24 hours what happened?

Pls help me i cant fix also pls dont tell me this was another error when roblox updated and we will wait for the next update for it to work again