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thx so much who fix this and sorry i say bad words here sorry very much

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bro this mean there is error in download any appications form you guys make and i want to say that respect your player. which come for appications

if you can fix this so ok . this will very big therad for your appication. i write 10days by mistake sorry and you guys pls try to download any exploits. than you can see the guys think i am the f**k here so dont reply me.




Created a new thread: multiple games

i want to download multiple games for roblox but when i go download multiple games the application which form i want to download the application say that appication don`t response. I want mutiple games for roblox tappin legend x and more games.  pls fix the error or so pls fix this. this mean which appilcations i go to download the say that there is the problem in the the appication which i want to downloaded the multiple games. you can try to downloade the multiple games then you can see