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You cant kill everyone, You can kill your self and everyone else locally but if they die on your screen doesnt mean they will die on theirs since it is client sided. To actively kill everyone, you would need to have the server kill everyone.

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I am, Just a side hobby is all this is.

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Thanks, I do try to work on it and fix bugs when im not working on my GCSE's.

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@Whoman Theres an example on my github:

loadstring it!

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@LONG Yes. I decided to take it over as it was pretty much dead.

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This is a now continued version of the old Finity Gui Library. It was left for 2 years and I decided to add more to it.


I am designing it to be more customisable and user friendly while also trying to keep it looking clean, fresh and easy to make guis for your scripts.


- Old finity code almost still fully works/compatible (Shouldnt need much editing)

- Actually being updated

- Custom themes (Still being worked on and may still be broken at the time of the post)

- Notification gui in bottom right with icons and coloured text (coloured text is being worked on at the time of the post)

- Downloadable/useable third party assets/Custom themes for the gui to have a more personal look

- Everything free and on github


There is a discord for me to collect feedback and suggestions for the Library. 

There is also documentationt too that is also being updated.