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Replied to thread: [WPF UI] First Prototype of Sentence UI

Looks nice! I would recommend changing the tab name from "Home Tab" to "Tab 1". Other then that it looks great.

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@Whoman I saw someone say Fluxus but I don't see any multi inject options. When I tried to normally inject Fluxus crashed. Was this a one-time thing or am I doing it wrong?

Created a new thread: Free multi injector

I need a free multi injector but can't seem to find one. I found this post https://wearedevs.net/forum/t/20031 but it only mentions Sona and Solar which seem to not be around anymore. If they are still around can someone send me the link or an alternative. I need 4 alts with anti afk and one account in the foreground that has a custom script for that specific game. I feel like the tone should be more positive so here is a smily face :D