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Replied to thread: Sentry thingy.

@Nocist i think mockup like figma or somethin

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Replied to thread: Sentry thingy.

sounds cool, ill join it when i get home

Replied to thread: [WPF UI] Second Prototype of Sentence UI

love it :)



Replied to thread: [3 API SUPPORT] [THEMES] [UPDATE] ezSploit V3

@Pluto_Guy ong ui is death


send other tehemes

Replied to thread: [3 API SUPPORT] [THEMES] [UPDATE] ezSploit V3

google sites :skull: also breaks rules

Replied to thread: Misako UI for sale

cool, show ui pics

Replied to thread: Reason's To Use Nihon.

vouch cool but the text editor disappeared and when i tried to make a new time gave some weird error and shutdown lol, but dmd immune he started fixing it 



great nice owner too lol

Replied to thread: KMP algorithm's time complexity

pov: robloooc forum


uhh just make that kp thing like 7 and it wil be fix :--)

Replied to thread: [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.

@TERIHAX Yeah we already kinda corrected that. We originally were going to make a public api but we are just doing a DLL now.

Replied to thread: Farewell WeareDevs

Another person? So many people in the last week have left, its insane. Goodbye, t'was nice knowing you.


I'm still gonna be in the Discord so :happy:

Replied to thread: Winforms UIs

A while ago you said you'd create a WinForms UI for Voyager for free. Are you stil going to do that or nah.


Replied to thread: Conclusion

This is a sad day for us all. Goodbye, Nick. I've never truly spoken to you, but still, goodbye, have a plentiful life.

Replied to thread: Roblox Fatal Error...

Step 1: Give me your computer

Step 2: Aquire the money

Step 3: Create a drug cartel

Step 4: get charged 69k for a 1k build

Step 5: Reinstall JJSPLOIT, and you should be fine