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I am a passionate Luau scripter, and WPF UI maker.



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The Ui is good but the fonts and the panel thing for the executor could be improved.


Gonna give you a 8/10. For the nice Animations and ui! :)

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very cool! also nice animations

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Android Exploit Headhunter

wow very impressive. vouchhhhhhhh

Replied to thread: Hello! How are you today? / What you've been working on =)

Good, I feel happy, I have been working on my script hub called deadware. And no I'm not ready for the next year

Replied to thread: [Free] I will make you an ROBLOX exploit in WinForms with any 'API'

I am making a wpf executor for you. Just realised because your executor is called subzero 

Replied to thread: [PAID SCRIPT] ($2.50) Ohio Hub| 7+ Games | Cheap Script Hub

vouch. this guy has like 10k subs. he gave me free life time ohio hub :o


buy this script. its stacked with features :)

Replied to thread: Might be selling synapse X and script-ware account

Will you still be on the forum?


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Ty for the feedback. I will be sure to add some stuff you mentioned.

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Ty :)


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oh lol now i understand. i thought you meant i didnt put effort into it

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i put effort into it

Created a new thread: rate my wpf ui


Rate this wpf ui. lol ik it doesnt have a textbox yet but im doign that soon


im working on this executor with soulzay but i think i did a good job on the ui

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ask the krnl support team 

Replied to thread: [WARNING?] the 11 yr old is planning a "mass attack" like hes a flipping terrorist :skull:


nobody honestly forgives you. if you actually managed to mass attack the website its very illeagle and you could get in a lot of trouble