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I'm 14 and already think this shit is takin too long💀

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ok so what you need to do:

download krnl legacy

delete jjsploit

use krnl legacy


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How would I go about adding in a FE part into a game? I really need help with this

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@Whoman*Forgot to mention you in my replys*

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And i did add a user Auth function which calls a UI for them to login, so host it on replit or heroku or even glitch, have them make a username and password, set up the auth page using the comments and readme file, have the user pay money, let them register, send the script and they can login like that.

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Whoman, you are totally right, i could add in a more complex system that requires the user to pay you with bitcoin(or any other crypto and MAYBE paypal) then take a ticket id then submit it to a UI then makes a request that sends back a confirmation with whether or not it was paid.

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SYNAPSE HAS DOCS? ive just been raw dogging this and hoping that what i do works

Created a new thread: Custom Payment Library!

Im developing a custom payment library that authenticates your users!


you released a script that you want to be paid:

it gets leaked

BUT you used the payment library and obfuscated your code

so if they try to use it they get a pop-up asking them to buy a random gamepass/shirt/decal,

there is more than that to it with it also doubling as an user auth middleman, message sender(for advertising or letting the user know the script is ready to use), anti-chat logger, and more!  

I do need suggestions for what all to add

if you wish to send me suggestions you can send them to me on discord/telegram/or use the ticket system on my website!

Discord: Armor#5780

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