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Exploit API


Stop searching, "How to make roblox exploit" on Google. Stop waiting for exploit developers to fix their stuff. In this day and age, anyone can easily create one using our API. You can make exploits using what even some of the biggest exploit creators use. You're given precoded commands. You can create your own custom commands with Lua C scripts. You can even give people massive power with a limited Lua executor and a Lua C executor. Limits? Nothing. Go ahead and sell, give it out to friends, or create something for yourself.


List of what you can do currently do with the API



You will need to create the API object in your code to send messages to


Before doing anything, you will need to launch the exploit. This will check if its patched, inject the necessary tools, etc.

User Groups


This will select all players in game


You can target specific players. Must type player name exactly as it is


No targeted player will default in your own player

Prebuilt Commands

Note: If "playername" is not filled out, then it will default to your own player.


Gives a set of building tools to the selected player


This will add fire to the selected player


This will add smoke to the selected player


This will add sparkles to the selected player

ConsolePrint("Hello world!")

This will print 'Hello world!' to the console.

ConsoleWarn("Hello world!")

This will warn 'Hello world!' to the console.


This will add a forcefield to the selected player


This will give the selected player a blocky head


This will make the selected player float


This will kill the selected player


This will make the player stop floating

ForceBubbleChat("playername", "text")

This will make a chat with the inputted text display above the selected player


This will remove the selected player's arms


This will remove fire from the selected player


Removes the force field from the selected player


Removes the selected player's legs


Remoevs both the arms and legs of the selected player


Removes sparkles from the selected player

SetWalkSpeed("playername", "speed")

Changes the selected player's walkspeed into the chosen value. No inputs will set your players speed to 100


Run regular Lua scripts, but only with limited capability. Honestly, this makes the rest of the API look useless if you know how to use this.


With this, you can execute Lua C scripts. It can be used to implement Lua C executors, or creating custom commands.

Lua C Methods

Note: These are for the more advanced users. I would not recommend using them unless you know what you're doing!

LuaC_getglobal(string service)

LuaC_getfield(int index, string instance)

LuaC_setfield(int index, string property)

LuaC_pushvalue(int index)

LuaC_pushstring(string text)

LuaC_pushnumber(int number)

LuaC_pcall(int numberOfArguments, int numberOfResults, int ErrorFunction)

LuaC_settop(int index)

LuaC_pushboolean(string bool) //bool should be either the string "true" or "false"



LuaC_next(int index)

LuaC_pop(int quantity)

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