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JJSploit doesn't attach.

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So basically, JJSploit doesn't attach, roblox is open but it simply doesn't attach at all, i'm using Windows 7 32bits


major skid

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try redownloading also there is a roblox ban wave going on and jjsploit is detected so watch out


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literally stop using jjsploit and download krnl.

also yeah, for now use only alts (or dont exploit for now) as there

is a ban wave which may get your account deleted

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*pls dont hate im not good in making exploits smh*


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or u could just stfu and be acknowledged that krnl is actually apart of the banwave, so is jjsploit

using an alt really doesn't defend u

you shouldn't even be exploitng at this time, synapse is literally apart of it. so idk why u would use a free exploit atm. you're literally asking to be banned lol




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