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Can’t figure out how to open your exploit?

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Are you unable to open your exploit?

I've got just the thing for you, It's actually a pretty simple process! Lets guide you through it.


[Skip this part if you have winrar.]


To open the exploit file you will need to download (winrar files for most exploits) winrar, This is an important step.

[Download Winrar]


After downloading winrar, Open your exploit and make sure to select (Hold click and move your mouse to select all of them.) all the files or the first folder.


Once thats done, Find a button near the top called "Extract to" (Visual image shown below.) and click it.


After doing so,

You'll be at this menu:

Select a directory to put your .zip or .rar file in.

 A recommended directory is Downloads. Make sure you've selected all the items in the .rar or .zip file. If its not in a folder, Select the "New Folder" (near the top right below the Display button.) Option and place the exploit files in that folder, This is important if you dont want files scattered everywhere. 


After doing so, Make sure your antivirus is OFF. Check for other ones too, Windows 10 is recommended. If you have windows defender, Make sure to disable Real Time Protection before opening your exploit.


If you dont know how to disable Real Time Protection, Heres a video to help you.


After disabling your antivirus and doing everything as guided, Navigate to the directory and find the exploit file, Open the program and enjoy using your exploit.


More questions? Feel free to ask me anything.


Credits to Google for the second image!




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