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Created a new thread: I say that I need a promo

Just saying heh, i need one? or neh.

I'm always giving scripts...

Replied to thread: Re-add the discord link to your website,

Read the announcement, the discord server get deleted and is no longer attinable (it sounds like roblox lol)

Replied to thread: Hacked By Pr070n

What do you mean lmao.

Created a new thread: Selling Account

Hello I'm selling an account called ShortArleng, This account has a lot of good items and clothing, it has 30RBX on it and it's not verified.

Selling it for 6 dollars.

Any other question about the account conntact me via discord.

Created a new thread: How to exploit easy any leaderboard

The games that has on the leaderboard cash or something like that and they does not have Filtering Enalbed you can execute this script:


In "THENAMEOFTHEVALUE" you can put there the name of the value, like "Cash","Points" or anything more.

Replied to thread: FE Disabler.

Sorry for this answer but, the FE disabler is not longer attinable and impossible to do, bc the fe will never get disabled by a program or script.

If u want to exploit as well, then find a non-FE games (they're hard to find)

If a script can disable it, it would be "game.workspace.filteringenabled=false", but it will still not working.

Replied to thread: Script pack 17k+

All right you need Lua executor, I belive i leave there some Lua C.

Created a new thread: Common Errors injector/exploits

Hello, I'm here with some commons errors with the injector and exploits, .dll missing and not working exploit.

Link: http://swiftation.com/FHwT

The instructions are in, this is a little pack of the common errors.

Created a new thread: Unpatcheable Btools

Hello!, heres some unpatcheable btools i hope you guys will enjoy making po a server. :)

Link: http://swiftation.com/F8T6

All credits to the creator - Instructions included.

Created a new thread: Script pack 17k+

Hello!, I'm here with a script pack with 17k+ scripts in a sample pack.

Link: http://swiftation.com/F7W1

I hope you guys will enjoy it

Created a new thread: Roblox Popular Games Uncopylocked

Uncopylocked games, some of those games arnt updated at all but heres a big Folder full of them.

Link: http://swiftation.com/BQ4e

Enjoy the games.

Created a new thread: Lua Scripts Pack (two folders)

Hello im here with two folders full of Lua scripts I hope you guys will enjoy the scripts!

Folder 1: http://swiftation.com/BPXE

Folder 2: http://swiftation.com/BPYy

Created a new thread: Lua C pack.

Hello I'm here with a Lua C pack.


I hope you guys will enjoy.

Replied to thread: [Leak] Veil Download

I didnt know theres a VIP tag, and anyways its patched.

Created a new thread: the best forum

I like a lot the new design of the forum 10/10 also i would like a signature.