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Replied to thread: Help or definetly a problem with JJSploit

well it almost never finished but there is also so small chance of it finishing and leting my exploit work btw i use JJSploit

I need a fix

Created a new thread: Help or definetly a problem with JJSploit

I need some help with a famous exploit for roblox, JJSploit. My problem that i have is:

Once the program is downloaded in my laptop and open for first time all works fine.

But once i want to open and use it for second time it dosen't work. 

Excample: I open up again JJSploit "even as a administrator"  work but once i tries to attach it there is a one roblox window like a command prompt but it dosent has any name. Then when the game says the exploit is conected to JJSploit window still says "Please inject into a game ect.". So i cant use common hacks or scripts. I SERIOUSLY need HELP.



Thank You