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@natilinalkuHe said fake not clientsided or Non FE you bum

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Bruh just use infinite yield also WRD already has a Noclip Script in the "Scripts" Section xd

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@SirWeebOhhh, thanks! i'm new to this so i won't understand much hehe.

Created a new thread: Project Pokemon Script (Still Working For Some Rip-Offs)


I forgot the instructions, sorry XD


Once you pasted the script, it should look like a black gui, at the top theres an arrow click it then click on the Spawner menu.


Name the pokemon you want get the level and everything Then heres the important step you need to know, first off..


Spawn doesn't work it's patched on most of the games.


Click on the Box text and type it to 1 any number, you need to have a pc box for this.


Once you have done that


(Also player doesn't need to be typed)


You can choose shiny or aura then click Spawn Box.


Press F9 If you wanna know it spawns or not!


Then check the PC box the pokemon should be there. Welp thanks for reading! - Nukex12