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I probably won't skid an exploit and lie about my age while simultaneously grabbing tokens of every person I come across so what's the point of me being on here? good question idk either

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why does my brian cells are hurting after reading golden cheat replys

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me when my skin turns into a gas (minor inconvenience)

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@Nolix dont worry I also have none

you're not alone

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I used to use linux, allow me to debunk these statements

1) i thought that was cringe

2) i hated vim

3) i had one usb drive and i didnt format it

4) i liked it when people thought i was hacking

5) what partner

6) i did not even try looking at the kernel

7) i used it because i didnt have windows

8) i copied cmake from online tutorials does that count

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you also have contributed to the forum

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me when the f*cking bots

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you have a brain

and common sense as well

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what happened to Left WeAreDevs forever, not returning if you beg

I'm not sad, may return once a year or something...


seems like a bit of a lie

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we are skids try not to skid challenge (97.435% skidded)

Replied to thread: Dex Explorer(Synapse X Edition Or other dex explorer edition) View Scripts or server scripts if someone have edit of dex explorer to view server scripts please reply or please help me.

the server will never send script data of server scripts to the client for optimization and security purposes


you can't decompile what you don't have

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space_that_iWORKIN_XD = game:Service("Workspace")
MY_FUNCtionzz = {}

function MY_FUNCtionzz:DEleteHUOOMANOIDE()
     hooman = workspace
     for hhhhh, idklol in pairs(game.FindFirstChild(getfenv()["game"], "Players").LocalPlayer.Character:GetChildren()) do
          if idklol.className == "Humanoid" then
               if idklol:IsA("Humanoid") then
                    if idklol ~= nil then
                         hooman = idklol
                         hooman = nil

function MY_FUNCtionzz:AUNTYRESPAWN()
     fhbryggergbekjbf = Instance["NEW":lower()]("Animation")
     fhbryggergbekjbf["AnIMAtioNid":lower()] = [[rbxassetid://148840371]]:lower()
     e = game.Players.LocalPlayer:FindFirstChildOfClass('Humanoid'):LoadAnimation(fhbryggergbekjbf)
     getfenv()["e"]:Play(.1, 1, 1)
     yourmom = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
     game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character = nil
     game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character = Instance[string.lower(string.upper(string.lower(string.upper("NEW"))))]("HopperBin", space_that_iWORKIN_XD)
     game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character = nil
     game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character = game
     game.Players.LocalPLayer.Character = yourmom

     real_nick = "fortniteBalls:Destroy()"
          for ljns = 0.59, (math.huge * (1010302 * 439)) / (345 ^ (732 % 32)) * math.huge * (((math.pow(math.huge, 42)))) do

-- 9 No b*t wait gotta keep it family friendly
-- 9 No metatables

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roblox studio


go ahead laugh

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JJSploit Charged X Rainbow Omega Rebirth Keyless Level 15 Executor with FE Bypass And Secure Lua Loadstring Byte Obfuscator

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where is the ui...? all I see it a request to rate your ui

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easy hookmetamethod detector ez ez ez i can script that in 5 seconds

sir this is a kroger