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Created a new thread: How to make an esp that shows stats

If anyone could give me some examples it would be awesome

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i want to know the steps,i can make it myself if i know what i need to add to it

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I need to know what to add to make it work(things that i need for it to work),i dont want someone to make it for me

Created a new thread: Control people that use my script

So like if i press a button or something it would bring a random player that executed my script

(i want to use this to troll some of my friends,please help me fast)

Replied to thread: How to detect if someone is using the same script as me

@Zockerhd ye ik that the creator can do it,im the creator,how do i do it?

Created a new thread: How to detect if someone is using the same script as me

I want it so like it adds an emoji to ur name if u executed the script and other people that executed the same script can see it too

Created a new thread: How to detect if someone is using the script i made

For example i execute my script and lets say there is someone else that has executes my script too,i want it to print they're username or something  similar

Created a new thread: Help me with getgenv()

  1. add people in getgenv() when executed
    check if plr in getgenv() table
    if plr in getgenv() then

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Ye i wanted for an exploit but thanks for telling me that it does not work anymore.

Oh and btw can u tell me how does the swagmode premium work rn?

Cuz im kinda confused on how this does not work on a executor but swagmode prem works

Created a new thread: Chat command

If Player with userid 1111 said "something" then

check if local player.userid == 1111 and if it is then cancel

if it isnt teleport to cframe


Please Help 

Created a new thread: Admin Commands

Hello,could someone help me make some admin commands for my exploit?

The way i want it to be is like this

The players that are admins(in the table or sum) will have perm to say sum like this :bring username or :bring . (which shall bring a random plr that uses the script)

and the bring command shall only work on the people that use the same script but are not admins/ in the admin table

Kinda like swag mode / cryptonic hub