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Q&A on ROBLOX exploiting and a guide on how to exploit.

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ROBLOX Exploiting could be pretty confusing to newcomers, so today i will give you some answers to your questions.


[If your issue was not solved here refer to my list of issues and fixes to them, otherwise refer to the thread in the debugging subforum.


Q: My ROBLOX exploit keeps deleting itself automatically.


A: You have to disable your antivirus or it'll be automatically deleted, link for how to disable your antivirus is listed below.


Q: My ROBLOX exploit is not working, what do i do?


A: Some reasons for your exploit not working is:

 -1st: Your antivirus is on, turn it off, a link on how to do it is provided at the bottom of this thread.


  --2nd: The exploit is patched and needs some time to unpatch, some exploits include auto update while don't, so you may have to reinstall some of them.


  ---3rd: You are on a mac pc/laptop, if you intend to exploit on an OS other than windows, the only one exploit for mac is Scriptware-M, the exploit is paid, link to buy it is provided at the bottom. 


   ----4th: The exploit is still in a WinRar file, to extract simply select the exploit folder, and above you will see a button with "Extract to" on it, click that, and then select the place you want the exploit folder to be. Make sure to put it in a folder or else your pc will be filled with a bunch of random stuff.


    -----5th: Google Safe Browsing is on, to turn it off go to chrome://settings/security and set it to No Protection


     ------6th: You have other antiviruses that you dont know of or just havent turned off yet, try searching in the windows search bar for known antiviruses like " Avast " or " BitDefender " and etc, you get it.


Q: How do i open my exploit?


A: To open your exploit, simply select the RAR file, right click it and then press "extract to" and select a place to extract the exploit to. Make sure it is in a folder or it will mess up. Some pcs do not have WinRar installed so they cannot open it up, a link to the download is listed below. For a more detailed explanation refer to the link in the debugging subforum.


Q: My exploit isnt appearing as a RAR file.


A: Some PCs do not have WinRar installed so they cannot open it up, a link to the download is listed below.


Q: JJSploit is not working for me.


A: Some fixes or something will help you in this video:


Q: Why is there a trojan in the exploit?


A: The exploits listed on our exploits page do not have viruses, they are tagged as Trojans because exploits have to edit ROBLOX Memory and other aspects to make execution possible.


Q: Who can i rely on to provide me with good free exploits?


A: is WeAreDevs's front page with great exploits on it approved by the owner of WRD, and submitted by the original owners of the exploit.


Q: I did not find a fix to my problem here.


A: You can create a thread and wait for response from others for help, if you cannot create a thread you must register an account at

and once you are done, login and create a thread at


Q: I want to get my exploit on the front page.


A: To get a chance at getting your exploit on the front page is to make a completely honest and a big showcase about it and put it in great detail, email wearedevs at


That is all, i hope this helped you.


Links to disabling antivirus:


Windows Defender:






Norton Antivirus:




If you did not find a link to disable your antivirus, you can try searching on google for an answer.


Link to download Calamari:

Calamari is currently discontinued, Scriptware-M is a great substitute with more power so you should have a go at it.


Link to download WinRar:


help me im being held hostage!!!!!!



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To make this more complete:


If you get unhandled .NET exceptions:

Download and install latest .NET Framework


If your exploit isn't injecting properly or makes the game crash:

Download C++ runtimes:

x86 (32 bit)

x64 (64 bit)

If your exploit can't download it's required DLLs:

Get a VPN off or






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Another Thing To The List

If Your Exploit Has A Drawing Lib And Crashes On Injection

Try Installing DirectX9

Exploits I Use: Coco Z, Synapse X

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Hi, JJsploit won't detect ROBLOX, I have tried everything, anyone can help?

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please read the thread.

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