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UPDATED! Anomic Kingpin GUI

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Anomic Kingpin GUI By DragonX Studios. 


UPDATED - 12/08/2020



Steal printers ( Equip lock pick first  )

Gun mods

infinite stamina

Unlock all cars ( Equip lock pick first  )

No knock back

Flying mode ( Press (E) to toggle once enabled, Doesn't work while noclip is on )

No-Clip ( Press (Q) to toggle once enabled )

Map teleport 

Teleport to nearest dropped weapon


Flying mode not working?

Flying bypass fixed! Might be paid injectors only.


Free or paid injectors?

This GUI has been tested using Synapse, i am not sure if it works on free injectors. Let me know in the comments!



loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()


If you have any problems please contact me via discord.