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Help in making an exploit for Mac totally by scratch.

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Hello, I have seen many posts about windows exploiting but I have yet to see a post about how to guide you through mac exploiting. Some pioneers in this area are Marie, Matchport, and ShowerHead. I am not sure how to make it completely from scratch though. I am new to the roblox exploiting community but come from a computer science background of assembally language, and C. I also know swift. So, I would be greatful if somebody could provide me a short guide, with just enough information for me to google the rest and find it out. My vision is to create a library to put inside Xcode so I can provide an API to hopefully make mac exploiting more widespread. If anybody had some knowlage in this area please reply to the thread. I only know sort of how to make it, by disassemballing roblox studio in Ghidra, but I don't really know where to go from there.


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Well luckily Mac isn't a completely different device it has ram,cpu just like any other pc. Basically the same drill tbh you just find the memory addresses then modify them.

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a lot of memory calling from objective-c is probably gonna be needed

i'd probably use stack overflow for help in that bc idk how



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Mac is a unknown zone of memory modification.

MacOS isn't like Windows, it behaves differently and Roblox is a bit snippy if you find a way to bypass their anti exploit on mac.