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Please read this before posting in complaints (Common issues and fixes)

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Make sure to use the search bar in this subform before posting

If you can't find your issue try using different search terms 


Common issues/Fixes

NOTE: When Roblox updates (usually on wedsesnday), it may take up to 48 hours to unpatch. 


Common Q&A:
JJsploit not updating automatically:

Can't download anything/downloads getting deleted:

Fix for jj doing nothing on inject/attach does nothing:

JJ not auto updating/jj says its using an older version:


Krnl Common Issues:


Coco FAQ:


Exploit support discords:


Note: this thread will have more info once I find it e

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Adding onto this...If you have an old pc that still runs windows 7 then....

Exploit UI errors:     You need the .NET Framework.

Injection errors:      You need Visual C++ Redists.

Drawing Lib errors: You need DirectX/D3D11.

Any Errors:              You might need VS Build Tools 2015. This should be the last resort and if that doesn't solve anything then you'll have to get windows 10.


Everything can be downloaded here:

check out my github i make stuff

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