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Moderators will be enforcing rules on any irrelevant/spam threads that do not fall under the category of discussion due to their increasing numbers, especially in the discussion sub-forum, as it is meant to be about discussing topics that are not included in other sub-forums. The discussion sub-forum is not a place for casual chatter, irrelevant posts, advertisements, etc. For a thread in discussion, as long as the topic is a valid form of discussion of a valuable topic, you may discuss about any matter, whether it's trivial real-life related subjects, serious scientific topics, education, or "sensitive" subjects like politics and religion, etc. If a moderator encounters a post that is irrelevant beyond mentioned topics, like troll threads, general spam, or casual chatter, the thread/reply will be deleted and the offender will get -2 negative rep as a warning, then -10 rep if their behavior continues further on.

The DO's of the discussion sub-forum:

* Do make threads discussing any type of topic, which is not included in other sub-forums, as long as it falls under "discussion".

* Do make only relevant replies to mentioned threads, that contribute to the topic of said thread.

* Do keep your thread/reply as respectful as possible.

* Do respect other's opinions.

* Do keep your language civilized, with no cursing.

* Do keep your negative opinions to yourself, unless it was asked for.

* For appeals, you're always welcome at (

The DON'Ts of the discussion sub-forum:

* Do not engage in casual chatter in threads. Use the Developers Discord server for chatting instead. (

* Do not make threads that are mocking in nature i.e: "Why is X so Y" , "X is a bad man".

* Do not spread toxicity or encourage others to hate on an individual.

* Do not make spam/irrelevant threads/replies.

* Do not advertise in this sub-forum.

* Do not bypass the forums' filter.

*Do not try using loopholes.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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