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[release] Script Query

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Hello everyone, I am here to present to you the ULTIMATE AND MAGNIFICENT SCRIPT QUERY SCRIPT!!!! Although, this glamorous script will only fetch the scripts listed in the scripts page, its core use is not too far from its vision. You see its usage is quite simple as shown below:



To fully experience its use, you are recommended to insert it into your "autoexec" folder


Further details & how to load it, can be found here:


What can I do with this?

  1. Extend your command line GUI with another command!
  2. Create a Script Hub
  3. Etc.


(i made this for fun, so enjoy!)


Discord: SoundInfinity#2135


am h3x0r


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This is the hottest script setup ive ever seen in a repository.

thanks everyone for rep even though i don't need it lol

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