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Windows 10 Update BROKE Roblox Multiple Game Instance

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Earlier tonight I installed Windows 10 update KB5014699, and it literally made the app stop working. I had been successfully running 10 accounts at once before the update, but after the update it just kept closing the first instance when I started another one. I tried a VPN, reinstalling the app, trying different versions of it, compatability mode for Admin perms AND older versions of windows on both roblox itself and the multiple instance application and nothing worked. I even tried just restarting my PC and that in itself didn't work. I finally uninstalled the KB5014699 update and restarted my PC to make sure it was gone... and now it's working again?


Does anyone know if there's any workaround to make it so I can actually keep my PC updated and be able to continue using the application?? Cause for now I guess I need to keep postponing updates... :c

(It's worth it for what I'm using it for, just worried because it's a Security Update I have to postpone)

I also did way too much research trying to fix this before I uninstalled the update, so I've probably tried everything at this point haha..


Edit: I made this account just to bring this up, since Multiple Roblox Instance is all I use

Edit 2: For some reason it stopped working again, at some point after I closed it thinking it was fixed so I'm gonna investigate it some more anmd basically pray it works again in a bit lol

Edit 3: It's back to not working at all, same thing keeps happening even if i login on different browsers the roblox launcher says "Shutting down Roblox" while its opening a new instance. And yes, I always run the multiple instance before roblox itself, so i have no idea what's even going on atm

Edit 4: Looks like it's more likely a Roblox update now... oof



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roblox updates always ruin alot of things INCLUDING exploits

The person who pleads the punishment shall take the punishment.

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