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every time i click inject this appears along with fatal error ive tried ddl file bs but it didnt work can someone heolp me out and explain in simple terms

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UNKNOWN encountered an error and crashed!


A crash log can be found at:




Crash Information:

[Code = 0xC0000005]

[ExceptSymbol = NoSym]

[Eip = 0x7798907D]

[Eax = 0x00000001]

[Ebx = 0x3F1557B8]

[Ecx = 0x3E526C60]

[Edx = 0x06270000]

[Esi = 0x76580C30]

[Edi = 0x75CF8990]

[Ebp = 0x38A4FEE4]

[Esp = 0x38A4FEDC]

[Dll Base = 0x00000000]


[File: UnkFile] [Module: RobloxPlayerBeta.exe]  [RebaseAddr: 0x01314040]  [BaseAddr: 0x00770000]

[File: UnkFile]                                 [DynamicAddr: 0x63C8279A]

[File: UnkFile] [Module: ucrtbase.dll]          [RebaseAddr: 0x00446823]  [BaseAddr: 0x764A0000]

[File: UnkFile] [Module: KERNEL32.DLL]          [RebaseAddr: 0x00416739]  [BaseAddr: 0x75CE0000]

[File: UnkFile] [Module: ntdll.dll]             [RebaseAddr: 0x004690AF]  [BaseAddr: 0x77920000]

[File: UnkFile] [Module: ntdll.dll]             [RebaseAddr: 0x0046907D]  [BaseAddr: 0x77920000]




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Leo is a cool name.

Anyways this is a common issue and theres really no fix for it currently, it just happens randomly.

very epik person who can help do stuf


also are you interested in cheese




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AV is disabled yes?

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i have no idea i  first downloaded krnl but then there was the ddl file missing and i downloaded it back but when i did it says that

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