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I have lost my mind.


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Replied to thread: What is the best text editor to use for an exploit?

@Zander7473 succ deez nuts, monaco is suck

Replied to thread: What is the best text editor to use for an exploit?

pro tip: DON'T USE MONACO it is stupid


that is all I can say cause idk

Replied to thread: How do i get rep?

be a good boy (or girl) & become a god

just be cool 😎

Replied to thread: So, how are things in the WRD Community since I was gone for 2018/2019?

@Funtimesgetfunner jon iz do name changey?


Replied to thread: Developers Community (Old We Hate Discord)

No I will not join your server as I am not a developer

Replied to thread: What do you think of this UI????

Make the close and minimize buttons smaller also 😠😡🤬😤😤😤😠😡🤬😤 please make the buttons not mac because mac is ugly as hell

Replied to thread: [RATE] Atlantis UI

idk can't see

Replied to thread: [RATE] [UI] Rate my ui pls k thx bye

add purple and make the buttons on the bottom because the buttons on the top make me want to jump tomorrow

Replied to thread: ui, rate if youd like

Pretty cool bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am no longer the leader of Northern Vietnam, stop asking for change. Live your life as normal. We will rise again, keep your rifle by your side. 

Replied to thread: So wearedevs, explain this!

@ThatPhoenix yeah what they said

Replied to thread: simple walkspeed script

yeah whatr he said@SirWeeb