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Replied to thread: Does level 7's executors still exist!?| Is Synapse still a level 7!?



Level 7 is now FE, so I am under the assumption that Level 8 is server sided scripts, although I'm not too sure about this last one.

Replied to thread: Does level 7's executors still exist!?| Is Synapse still a level 7!?

Guys, please stop spreading false information about level 7 being FD and similar misconceptions.

Guys, please do your research before speaking. Reverse roblox and you'll see that the identity has returned to 7.

Alternatively, you can execute printidentity() with s*napse, and it'll clearly print 7.


For clarification, I don't know why roblox changed from 6 to 7 again, but I'd like to say that this does not mean FD is back.

It's quite literally the same power, but a different context level. 


So, yes: level 7 is Filtering Enabled.

Replied to thread: Remove Slurp From The Front Page

Only person benefiting is xyba from the key system, smh, this needs to be removed: it hasn't been updated in years

Replied to thread: ProjectEPIX LEVEL 6 OP EXPLOIT (NO KEY SYSTEM/FREE!)

Your lucky I'm the first to see this, add a Virus Total and a screenshot before, well

lets just say before bad things happen

Replied to thread: doveOS - Looking for possible staff and/or help.

Try get into contact with machport, whom is the only person I've heard of who has experience in this (deved calamari for mac). Make sure you pay well though.


gl with this ig, looking smooth

Replied to thread: Update | First look at KronosV3 UI

kronos or fluxus? i cant tell frankly:


anyways, good luck with this. I'm glad your making a new ui, hopefully it's original this time!

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Whats funny is that Imperious also worked on wrd dll, so stop picking out on exploits and get your facts right before speaking.

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9/10 nice ui gl with stuff

Replied to thread: Have a "Verified" exploit badge.


The issue is that you wouldn't know that. You own Proximity, you founded it, but I doubt you own the source of the dll/module do you. If not, then there is a risk that Proximity, is indeed: unsafe.

Replied to thread: People trying to kill WeAreDevs

I can confirm that Shadow is trusted, reliable and a effiecient exploit. Reversed being in the screenshots, and discouraging malware, does not suggest that his exploit isn't safe.


Now for Kiwi X, Kiwi X is absolutely safe, and as a holder of the source code, lead developer and a trusted member in the community, I can confirm that. Key systems are common in nearly every exploit, which leads me to my question, would you mind elaborating on "sketchy stuff"

Replied to thread: Any easy to use script runner like KRNL?

Shadow is one of the best free exploits currently, and I greatly recommend you use it. The UI is very user friendly and the execution is really strong! It's exactly what your asking for.

Replied to thread: [NEWS] Proxo Back on WeAreDevs?

I'm glad you clarified everything, AnimeDeveloper. The situation was interesting, yet sad that you, for years - had no credits, whatsoever: not even the source, for something you own.

Replied to thread: Free Exploit | Shadow v2.1.9 | Bytecode Interpretation | Over 1,000 Daily Users

@DeepPain Are you dumb ir are you dumb. Most dll's are VMP'd to protect skids from stealing it!

Replied to thread: Free exploit Kronos | Update v1.12 | partially supports owlhub | Loadstrings | BootStrapper | And more

Yeah what ghandy said. Leme just say it again for you :D: "if you use an api the ui is most important thing so keep it orignal :--)"