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Replied to thread: [VectorXUI] WPF UI for Rating (Part 2)

i see myself using the main window/executor (clean, easy ui <- it's good) but definitely not the loading screen

it's both pointless and looks bad

Replied to thread: Any OGs still around?

who knows bro

Replied to thread: [RATE] one more interface

i wont point out the good stuff since everyone else basically already said them

so ill jump straight to the stuff thatll help it get even better


scrollbar seems like sentinel scrollbar? not sure in any case it doesn't fit that well w UI. it's binded to the right side of the listbox which is bad in my opinion, i say increase corner radius and also the spacing from both top and sides (by js a little bit) and that'll give it a sweet look. as for the spacing size maybe make it so that the top of the scrollbar is same height as top of 'Scripts' (the actual S)


the black border irritates me somehow but it's not a big deal mainly just preference i suppose (since its low contrast and not what is usually assumed to be there)


for scripthub animation its decent but im sure it would look much better if you reduce the height that the icon 'jumps', and also half the time it 'stays' idle in that jumped location. it will make it more subtle and sweeeet


that's probably about it from me if u wnt more in depth stuff though feel free to let me know


im sure doing the above would help


Replied to thread: [rate] Some UI I made for a cheeto

it's nice but i see potential problems w the power button location

as in when there's text behind it or any kind of element really, it can look a little off. maybe put a border around it that's somewhat transparent? i see u added a 'glow' which somewhat elevates the problem, or maybe it's just for aesthetic

either way nice job just make sure u find a solution to this little nuisance :)

Replied to thread: (Help Me I am Dumb) How to use Oxygen U api

use a dll injector, select the dll, and enter the pipe name or whatever

or just make one urself quickly which shouldnt be hard


if you're really lazy u can also just drag apis into dnspy and copy the inject code.. but like its easy to make one urself anyway plus thats just stealing so i dont see why ud do that

Replied to thread: sirhurt executor

@crazy_cattechnically they are both exploits so uh

Replied to thread: [release] another 'exploit' but better


yeah its  a bug for some reason it only lets femboys login, so when it asks if you're a femboy, you have to type 'Yes'.


Also there's an algorithm in place that detects lies so if you're not a real femboy that can also be why it doesn't let you in



Sorry about that, really nothing I can do!

Replied to thread: Imperious is COMING back!

@Delta i am in the server im pretty sure (or it has been deleted), if i find it ill send u an invite - but no im not talking about proximity. he released a lot of small projects here and there which somehow were still allowed on this site (i believe one was called neferious? or something similar), even tho it was known he isn't trustworthy

Replied to thread: Imperious is COMING back!

is he even allowed back LOL yk that dude spread a ton of rats, known for scamming a ton as well. + most his exploits are just a compilation of different source codes


my guy is a grown man and has kids i doubt he'd come back for such small profit gained from here. very likely he's planning on doing something suspicious. well thats just my opinion though, so i could be very well wrong.

Replied to thread: What's the appeal for cheating?

  1. Naturally scamming will make someone angry. You can't negate this fact by saying 'ah you are also doing something unethical'. These are two different topics. One is cheating in a game, and the other is scamming someone of real life currency.
  2. Who are you to say whether someone is wasting time? For exploiit developers, reverse engineering is actually an enjoyable process and teaches you alot of skills in how to approach various problems. So you do gain something.. also you can meet alot of new friends in this community. I'd agree that it's unethical but so are many things, something being 'unethical' is mostly subjective in any case. In my 4 years being here (general exploiting servers, v3rm etc. I haven't seen any p**n scripts being used or promoted. This was something more commonplace prior to FE and even then condemned by literally 99% of people.
  3. You're wasting your skills on something as useless as cheating. Lua and C++ are both very powerful programming languages and you could use them for good. - Again it's not a waste. Teaches you more skills especially by learning real life experience in exploiting actual games. Can prove useful in the future to do more advanced things with more advanced programs.
  4. - This is subjective
  5. - This is subjective + It is mostly a kids community so it's natural you have kids who are good at what they do and are happy with that.
  6. - This doesn't make sense my guy.

I get it, the Roblox company might suck but many teenagers also enjoy playing Roblox, imagine doing something you enjoy and then someone ruins it. - I agree but it can also make someone's day. In the end its the persons choice on how they use it, and the devs aren't responsible for that.


as for ur question:

The appeal for cheating is pure fun for trolling, impressing people and just having a great time, or in more recent years, with the rise in auto farm scripts and more 'game sided' exploits (if u get what i mean), it'd be for satisfaction in being 'better'

personally i dont use exploits rn bc i dont play roblox but a few years ago it was really fun using the fly script and jus showing off in game. no harm done, just pure fun. ive come back bc i like the community :) -> disproves one of ur points as well lol


edit: i regret writing this bc im pretty sure no one gives a shlt & is a waste of my time but hope it clarifies some of your flawed opinions

edit 2: just realised two other people did something simialr before me. well to the person reading this mustve been boring haha






Replied to thread: [release] another 'exploit' but better

@ZeuS_cs i mean ill have to disagree.. the blur is only used when the menu opens up and tbh i dont see a problem with it. allows user to focus on what is selected. i wouldnt say its 'too much' at all, unless you're talking about the blur radius, which of course can be reduced



bold claim, not nice to add just for a few extra views. if you're product has good potential then naturally you would get attention with a normal title.

Replied to thread: [HELP] need a bit of help understanding server-sided execution

theres not much ppl here who dabble in server sides. maybe go to v3rm they have a larger userbase

Replied to thread: [rate] MilkCat Hub

decent alot of feedback in terms of design i can give but i won't bc i have no idea how hard it is to code in lua or whtvr ur using


edit: actually fix that play button first lol

Replied to thread: why is there no other good exploits with a decompiler

kato uses same decompiler as electron probably cus same dev i believe. but its better to use electron since it's been out for longer (more stable) and is the devs actual own project (probably works harder on it lol??)