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Created a new thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community



( Letter as of June 25, 2022 )


Hi, Good Day to all of you, ( No this is now an official )


 I'm already decided to leave the Exploit Community not now but after 3 months ( 09/25/2022 ). Damm since 2018, many things have changed in this community. It is a good thing that I made good friends with you all, and ever since I join the exploit community back then, from now on,

it is time for me to move to the next journey in my life and when I wish to go back to this community, hopefully, you guys welcome me back 

& tell me what's happened here after I leave.



This is due to my reason I need to seriously focus on my 1st & 2nd Year College for my degree in Computer Science which may enhance my skill & make things better but it needs time to study it. I only have 3 Months Left in this Exploit Community to enjoy, making friends, watching dramas, skidding ( bruh ), doing meme jobs, making content, earning things, etc., and after 3 months, It's time for me to go & log out of my WeAreDevs. Welp Life goes by, ppl start to move to the next journey


I still had to do the stuff:

* Grand WHD ( 3 Episodes )

        * WRD at Work ( Last Episode )

* The Skid Guy Next Door ( 3 Episodes )

* Panda's Advertisement Thread 





Question: What will happen to the Panda & Panda Development Team?


   Panda will not discontinue, Panda Development Team will be fully controlled by Hiroku & I hope one day it gonna be a success ( even if it was renamed ). 

but still, Panda trademark is on the exploit. 



Question: Are you quitting on Discord too? 


   No, You can still chat with me, asking for help but please ffs don't asked me to feed you some code, 

learn it Via Youtube or Stackoverflow or skid it though my github ( don't ask me how it work )




( Sorry for my cr@p grammar )






p.s keep wonderx86 from dominating to the wearedevs

Replied to thread: Abyss (Releasing soon)

Hopefully this didn't infected by wonderx86's malicious intentions.

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Vouch, such a Good Release

Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone..

man good luck on the other side, hopefully you're still gonna be active on us ( gc )

:(( Hopefully you'll come back

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@kiwidevelopment ngl Plants Vs. Zombie musics is soo catchy to everyone, like you gonna vibe on it for no reason lul 



Created a new thread: ( Meme ) - WeAreDevs Slander Meme #10

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


( This the Last Slander Meme i make, Hopefully you gonna like it )

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@crazy_cat idev part was accident , the rest is idk... maybe accident

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( Tomorrow for Last WeAreDevs Slander Meme )



Feel free to join to our club house called Panda Community

DISCORD.IO | Panda Community



mf i forgot to edit the eating ice part slander meme :skull: i don't have much time to review it


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Welp... Good luck

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@ThatPhoenix man i agree,

Replied to thread: Share your experience with skidding

i skid, but i learned to write my own code after having experience on coding

so the outcome is i learned from skidding, caz i research on it how would it work like that.


Cough Stackoverflow

It's okay to have bad code rather skidding some code ( pasting ).

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2 Slander Memes to go

( Please Suggest me good quote memes )


( EDITED due to my brain didn't properly work )

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Had to Shrink it to 720p because of its Size :tired:

3 Slander Memes until i stopped making one


Panda V2 is cool better luck next time


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( Now Please Do not take this seriously, most of them are suggested by other ppl )