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Created a new thread: Dark WRD Slander Meme #665






Replied to thread: What's the best executor?

Free Exploit


- Exploit Support stupid encryptions such as PUIEE ( Putin Utilities Internal Enlargement Ego )

 ( Panda V2 and Encrypted V2 )


- Free Exploit: Krnl / Kiwi V2 / JJSploit duuhh


- Paid Exploit: Synapse X ( SW if ur sw fanclub )



Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

i don't what's going on here? brub 

anyway imma make it as slander :kewk:


EDIT: i had to stay neutral to this thread because yeah why not

Replied to thread: [SKID/SCAMMER] Luna/Luma/Sinister

Serverside Roblox Injection.... BRUH, I GUESS HIS BRAIN STUCK ON ROBLOX 2017-2018 I GUESS


Replied to thread: Who is the best person on wrd in ur books?

@kiwidevelopment  🥺🥺🥺

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Created a new thread: [ Help ] Need help on how to make a API using Lua

is it possible to make a API on lua like example


function hello()

    return 'hello world'



local a = loadstring(readfile(''hello world.lua''))();



Sorry if I wrote like that, buts kinda similar to UI Libraries


Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] ROBLOX EX-COM SLANDER #1

@Whoman okay i do it maybe on saturday brub

Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] ROBLOX EX-COM SLANDER #1

@child1010 no caz its bored af, besides many ppl wants slander over community, not like ppl slander memes

Created a new thread: [ NEW! ] ROBLOX EX-COM SLANDER #1


Enjoy Monthly Slander Memes 

Replied to thread: [ RATE! ] - Panda V2J ( UI DESIGN )

@Whoman technically their is panda K-Driver ( Kernel Driver ) but it was cancelled

Replied to thread: I Think I Know Rexi Crush

@Rexi oh mb :kewk:

Replied to thread: I Think I Know Rexi Crush

I know Rexi's crush and Ex-crush :kewk: 

POV: Won't tell it cause he gonna cancel my dll deal

Created a new thread: [ RATE! ] - Panda V2J ( UI DESIGN )


Bro... Making UI on Java is soo restricted af

( oh thats thing is based on Java, since CSharp & Java have similar but Java is more sh*t so yea let me see what can i do )

ohh... i constant watch India tutorials for java

Created a new thread: WRD Slader Meme ( Season 2 ) w8 fr?

Enjoy the Video cause i'm bored

Replied to thread: [WPF UI] New Clean Interface for Rating

Bro. I advise you not to use Delta DLL as the main dll. if you ask me for it, just use either WeAreDevs API or any Public APIs out there.


Delta DLL / Oxygen-Forked DLL is not a public dll btw, for the UI.


I would say good but I'm quite disappointed with its Theme. i expect a theme that

covers the entire UI.


Also please make sure you default the language to english. or use Keyboard language detection. omg I thought i got hacked by a Russian spies