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because these are the only exploits on wrd , kiwi x lite still has almost the same ads just the dll is EXAPI ,, yoink barely gets updated anymore , i just hate that people support coco z alot when its trash , plus its just my opinion its better to use oxygen u then kiwi x /lite in the first place


and what do you mean by "Skid forum"


PEOPLE here are legit dumb supporting coco z its legit trash if its trash dont go and promote the exploit saying its good when it is not. same as shadow , the exploit description once was that it runs alot of scripts when that is clearly not true it fails alot of them and has sutch a slow execution.

Created a new thread: overrated/trash exploits (Just my opinion)

So These are pretty trash in my opinion if you dont care about it then just leave



so first is coco z its pretty trash it crashes some times and it doesnt run that much scripts. i dont know why people recommend this exploit to others when there is way better ones with no key like omega x and others

JJsploit and skisploit are also sooo trash they barely run anything


Kiwi x has way to many ads and the lite version is so trash too


yoink dll doesnt run alot of stuff too its trash but i like the features in it


i also hate shadow so much , it doesnt even run unnamed esp or dark hub its so trash how the owner says it runs alot of scripts when it doesnt


anyways these are my opinion if you dont like it i dont care either its just my opinion