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very nice release, vouch!

Replied to thread: I officially deny all allegations that I am "Bobby the Cat"

Nahh Bobby == Nori. End of discussion 

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what the actual f***.. this cry baby lol

Replied to thread: What UNIQUE FUNCTION you would want in an executor the most

A friend generator coz I have no friends 😭 jk

Replied to thread: Congrats Delta for hitting 100K downloads!!!!!!!

Thank you :D, I didn't see the thread earlier xd 

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Which OS (Windows 7,8,10,11 etc.) are you using?

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@Haxim :kekww:

Created a new thread: [Free Service] Help with UIs

I will be helping people with xaml and maybe even with C# but dont expect me to do much of ac# coz honestly I aint good at it but yeah with xaml I can def help. I will also be giving some UIs I make for free(Sometimes complete UIs sometimes just main designs).


If you wanna know more dm me on dsc:  LittleKiller#9733


And well ofc u cant sell my stuff to other ppl..

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Cool exploit..

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If CSGO then why not Apex

if Apex then why not Valorant

If Valorant then why not Fortnite 

if Fortnite then why not Minecraft


After adding so many games, Jon decides to screw it and destroys his pc

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Mod menu hack?

Replied to thread: What are yall's opinions on Furk Ultra?

@0x777_ Even at a public place where both the families of you and furky are watching u guys 0.0

Replied to thread: Exploit with insane UI?

If you're looking for an exploit with a nice UI and a custom DLL, I can recommend Delta, you can try it out if you want and give me feedback :D

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@kiwidevelopment Idk what you are talking abt kiwi... 


oh well abt BlueX's question