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Replied to thread: how to make tab system in wpf with avalon

Check my old thread I made, it's used in winforms, but you can just use the xaml and cs part of the tabs :)

Replied to thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community

Noooooo, not you too D:

Replied to thread: Better Obfuscator


Oi long time no see

Replied to thread: Better Obfuscator


It was formerly yeetfuscator now rebranded to BitGuard..


Idk much abt free version but I can say the paid version is good

Replied to thread: Can you guys rate the executor ui (i literally don't know how to use wpf so made in winforms)

@crazy_cat It's not, it looks nothing like novaline..

It's obviously based on electron's old ui.

But I still like it


Replied to thread: Adding DLLS and APIS won't reference.

You have to add the actual API and not the module that's written in c++

Replied to thread: Rate my UI Mandir

@Zander7473 YES EXACTLY.. That's why i am offended, I am currently contacting police

Replied to thread: Rate my UI Mandir

@ishanjit321 I am a Hindu and all I can say is I am never going to a mandir after seeing this :trolled:

Replied to thread: does anyone have an executor that has windows 7 support

Delta works on windows 7

Replied to thread: [BWRD Plugin] Block Users on WeAreDevs

@SeizureSalad Thank you! I'll add that in a future update

Created a new thread: [BWRD Plugin] Block Users on WeAreDevs

Hello! Today I made my first ever BWRD Plugin. It's already available on the Plugin Store


Here's how to use it:


  • Click on the "Block User" button to block someone

  • After that, all of their posts will be blurred

  • If you want to unblock everyone, scroll down to the bottom of the Page and press "Unblock Everyone"


Thanks to david for his help and his awesome extension :)

Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone..

:(( Hopefully you'll come back

Replied to thread: *NEW FIX* Unsupported version/Roblox Crashing at Injection

@FunExploiter Roblox updated, its now generally not working :)

Replied to thread: [Question] Is the Roblox Exploiting Community back?

@F34R I am just kidding