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Replied to thread: [CW] [Translated 💀] | The Gabloxia | Skidding

Cool Cw tho pretty sure noone really uses TGX :kek:

Replied to thread: Goodbye WeAreDevs!

Today a history was made, one of the best devs betrayed another best dev of this community... sad..

Replied to thread: Wendy/Wendeeznuts | Skidding and sharing.

@WonderX86 did noone else see what he just said about himself lmaoo


Also he is a big raicist..


Replied to thread: Wendy/Wendeeznuts | Skidding and sharing.

Wendy is a huge retard, I was happy earlier and always thought I wad the biggest retard untill wendy showed up :troll:

Replied to thread: Comet now on the front page!

Nice congo Bobby! Next on WeAreDevs: Delta :troll:

Replied to thread: is there a way to get unbanned on counter blox without a appeal? (eg, script)

I believe its not possible  :c 

Not sure tho

Replied to thread: What's the Best Exploit in ROBLOX (Best Paid xploits and Best Free xploits)

Best paid: Script Ware

Best Free: people gonna say krnl but I prefer Fluxus 

Replied to thread: Should I continue eternity?

@Diegotenmas apis are made to be used by people, also if you have a custom dll, face it, ur dll inst the best, thus giving users a choice of apis isnt bad.

Replied to thread: [Rate]: Rate this UI

@MINISHXP 1) This isnt really true :kekeke:

2) Ducxy will be doing some C# code in the ui so yeahh

Replied to thread: [Rate]: Rate this UI

@MINISHXP which ducxy's ui?

Replied to thread: [Rate]: Rate this UI

@Aja Never, this is for my exploit not open src :hehehe:

Created a new thread: [Rate]: Rate this UI

Rate this ui and if you think its bad, please tell me how you think I should improve it


Embedded fail for some reason lmao

Replied to thread: [Update] Wine Official Version 4.0 Release (yes u read that right)

It seems cool gl with it

Replied to thread: [Help] Where do I find the current version of Roblox?


Replied to thread: [HELP] My exploit isn't working.

@ROVER6 All do.